Kenmore appliance repair

Kenmore appliance service will help to resolve any problem connecting with repair of any appliance. Professional repair of household appliances is the basic direction of our company.

Do not stop the processes; leave all the work to those people who are professionals in this field. We quickly and accurately will deal with your equipment and will make all appliances ready to work. Our experts also follow all the rules and standards while working.

In addition asking for high-quality kenmore appliance repair of appliances in our company you will be able to evaluate the high level of service and the best prices for all kinds of work. Entrust removal of any damage to our experts and evaluate the work of professionals.

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Happy Customer Testimonials
Amazing service quick and professional!
Amazing service quick and professional ! 6 month warranty for installation! My machines work great!
Casey T.
Sacramento, CA
Great service!
Capital Appliance Repair was excellent. They fixed my GE freezer and refrigerator which had a broken motor. Another company had previously come out and could not fix it. The technician Russell was excellent! He was friendly, very responsive and knowledgeable . When we called he came out the same day. He got the part required and replaced it immediately with no problem. I will be calling them in the future again if I have any other problems. Great service!
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Marc M.
Sacramento, CA
Will recommend you to my friends.
I recently got my Samsung French door fridge repaired because it broke down about 3 days ago. All my family members were going crazy without the fridge, so I went on Google and find this company. They send me technician. He came at 1pm to my house and within half and hour he was done. The technician was helpful and knowledgeable about the product just as operator was friendly over the phone. Many thanks, guys! Will recommend you to my friends.
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Donald T.
Sacramento, CA
Impressive i must say! Must go to.
I had a problematic fridge, its been giving me issues for a wile now. Ive had someone from a different company come out and "fix" it witch obviously didn't work, so i was ready to simply buy a new one. That is until i spoke with a friend who told me about these guys! I called them made a same day appointment, they came down to my house and took care of everything in about two hours and since they left i haven't had any issues. Impressive i must say! Must go to.
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Marley N.
Sacramento, CA
These guys saved me with my leaking fridge!
These guys saved me with my leaking fridge!! They didn't have any review here yet and I was in doubt at first, but they were the only ones who picked up the phone at 10pm and were able to schedule an appt for early morning next day. I was panicking that the food will spoiled and I'll have to skip work for next day, but their tech got to my place at 8am and finished by 9. I'm also happy it didn't cost me a fortune - I paid $225 total.
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Iuliia I.
Sacramento, CA
I'm impressed!
I'm so lucky to have this company fixed my Kenmore Elite washer, which was not draining water. I called them early morning and they scheduled an appointment the same day between 10-12pm. The technician got to my place around 11am and took care of everything in one hour. And I was able to continue my laundry right after he finished his work. He did a really good job! I'm impressed! I will definitely suggest Capital Appliance Repair to all my friends.
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Lisa L.
Sacramento, CA
FREE 6 months warranty for parts replacement
2 hour window is required for an appointment
100% satisfaction guaranteed
FREE service call with repair
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Kenmore appliance repair- now it is available for everyone!

Houses of modern people can’t be imagined without the presence of household appliances. These devices are so firmly entrenched in our lives that their presence is perceived by us in the order of things. Problems occur only in the event of a breakdown of any unit. Even the most high-quality, advanced and ultra-reliable equipment will sooner or later require tinning, replace broken parts and contact with workshops for the kenmore appliance repair of household appliances.

Kenmore service center has launched a professional appliance repair some years ago and it successfully continues to do it till today. Over the entire period of our professional activities, we often had to work with unusable chips, the occurrence and completely exhausted appliances. But the emergence of failures and malfunctions can be prevented. Very often we forget about such simple things as the need to install any unit by fully equipped professional workers from our kenmore repair service, the use of voltage regulators and filters for water, preventive and regular cleaning of filter mechanisms and so on, but these are small things to extend the life of our home appliances.

Of course, failure mechanisms can occur not only due to the sloppy usage. Many models also have structural defects which can be down by workers of kenmore service. As soon as you hear any change in the usual household assistants (unusual noise, hum, leak or just a wrong sequence in the modes) - do not delay and contact us as soon as you can. Kenmore appliance repair cost is low, and every client who needs to repair refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher or other unit can allow repairing process from the financial point of view. Quick service, normal prices and polite educated workers are the main factors which will attract you!